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German Federal Archives Films

Transit Film is exclusively appointed to manage the worldwide commercial exploitation of films belonging to the German Federal Archives.

Pre-1945 film collection

Belonging to the collection of films from the beginnings of film making up to the end of the Second World War are silent and sound newsreels of the Deulig-Woche, Messter-Woche, UFA-Wochenschau, Terra-Wochenschau, Tobis-Wochenschau, Emelka-Ton-Woche, the Deutsche Wochenschau and various documentary films.

Research and footage requests can be sent directly to the German Federal Archives: filmbenutzung@bundesarchiv.de

Licensing of the footage is handled by Transit Film:
Tel.: +49-89-599885 -15/-16

The pre-1945 film collection is not digitally available yet except approx. 150 hours of footage from the World War I:

Post-1945 film collection

Since 1.1.2014 Transit Film has also been appointed to make accessible and to exploit commercially German Federal Archives newsreels and documentaries from 1945 onwards. An internet platform with digitised films has been established in cooperation with the German Federal Archives.
The internet platform allows the user to view, research and order historical footage and serves Film, TV and Press professionals and the public:
www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de / www.transit-digital.de

The German post-war newsreels are almost entirely digitized and represent 750 hours on the digital portal. More information about the collection: www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de/contents

Transit Film Showreel – German History After 1945: