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"Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari"
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Despite the international respect that more recent directors such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Wim Wenders command – German cinema undoubtedly experienced its golden era in the years prior to 1933. Many of the old masterpieces, works by Paul Wegener and Robert Wiene, by Ernst Lubitsch and Josef von Sternberg, by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Fritz Lang and a whole abundance of other directors, have survived in the annals of movie history to this very day. However, these films have frequently been in need of restoration with the utmost of effort and at great expense.

But what good are unblemished copies if they are banished to the treasure troves of museums and archives, staunchly guarded like the Rheingold of the Nibelungen? What good is it, if colossal effort is required to show these films in public?

Transit Film has set itself the task of making the works of German film history accessible to the public. Although Transit Film is not dependent on public funds, its cultural mission is a decisive cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

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